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Granite Media Solutions provides content driven approaches to messaging that showcase and highlight what makes your entity unique and significant in a digital age


the partners

Granite Media Solutions’ partners are comprised of a former two-term United States Senator with expansive expertise in US Foreign Policy and fiscal governance, a transformative, industry leading reporter who’s worked for the state’s largest television station and newspaper and an individual who has been a significant player on the NH media landscape since he was 20 and has been successfully running a small business and news driving media entity since he was 30.

Sen Gordon Humphrey, partner

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Chris Ryan, partner

A. J. Kierstead, partner

Ian Clark, staff

Kevin Gray, staff


Concord Orthopaedics and the NH Fishercats

For our client Concord Orthopaedics, we provide weekly content for their website and social media channels. This includes articles and videos highlighting doctors, their specialities, or tips for patients.
Article Examples
Dr. Casey Lends a Helping Hand in Haiti
Avoiding Overuse Injuries in Baseball

Dr. Paul Urbanek on Hip Dysplasia

NH Caribbean Connection

Partnering with the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, Granite Media Solutions has created the New Hampshire Caribbean Connection. This campaign involved the creation of the website which serves as the hub for content from the US Virgin Islands and a jumping point to the websites for Bolongo Bay, Coral World, and other great attractions on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The campaign also involved audio, web, and print ads through WKXL 1450 am, 103.9 FM and


P&N Automotive


Arnie’s Place


This is really how Granite Media Solutions was born. In 2011, Barley House owner Brian Shea consulted with Chris about how to “Make the Road to the White House begin at The Barley House” Chris created the “Pints and Politics: Road to the White House” show which brought in Presidential candidates, some of whom would essentially become regulars in the restaurant. They would discuss their plans for the future of the nation during the day and meet with staff and local figures of influence at night. The other part of making The Barley House a political mecca was gaining earned media with CNN, NBC, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and local media all highlighting it. In doing so we also wanted to show what made the restaurant special, like it’s local beer selection, so Smuttynose’s ‘Old Brown Dog’ ale was served to the candidates (After one sip, Bernie Sanders exclaimed, “This is really good!!”) and they’d also make burgers for the candidates with specific ingredients from their home states. This has been a extremely successful mutual collaboration.

SNOB Film Festival GSMGranite Media Solutions and WKXL 1450 AM/103.9 FM produced a live version of WKXL’s Granite State of Mind, presented by The Barley House. The show’s host and creator Rob Azevedo organized the artists and hosted the show, while Granite Media Solutions connected the show with the presenting sponsor, filmed the show, and edited the final show for release. It was an official selection for the 2016 Somewhat North Of Boston (SNOB) Indie Fest.

The team at Granite Media Solutions was instrumental in the successful grassroots campaign to get Matt Bonner, of the San Antonio Spurs, into the NBA’s 3-point contest using #letbonnershoot. The campaign was orchestrated by Matt’s brother Luke and got the attention of national news agencies, celebrities, and the NBA. To celebrate, a viewing party of the 3-point contest was hosted at Red River Theaters and footage shot on a cell phone of reaction in Matt’s hometown was aired by the cable station TNT as Matt battled in the finals of the 3-point shootout. This was a incredibly well executed new media promotional campaign.

Viewing party at Red River Theater



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